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Without You I would never have wandered across this world. -
Rãbi' a al-Basri  

My friend is the keeper of our affection of my heart and my secrets. - Aelredo di Rievaulx

Love me for love's sake only. - Elizabeth Browning

Love me, my beloved daughter! For I do greatly love you. - Angela da Foligno

All my limbs are bound by the feeling of love. - Caterina da Siena

The eyes of my heart, which thirsts for you, shine with love. - Rãbi' a al-Basri 

Life is the flower for which love is the honey. - Victor Hugo

I did not not love you in fun, I never left you in solitude. - Angela da Foligno

Love can hope where reason would despair. - Raymond Lyttleton

We will entrust our heart and all it contains to a friend. - Aelredo di Rievaulx

All of you are trees of love: You cannot live without love. - Caterina da Siena

Are you asking a favour from your friend? You are also ready to do anything for him. - Cicerone

Then the Lover is transformed into the Beloved. - Angela da Foligno

Friendship is the greatest nourishment for human happiness. - Prospero Viani

Economized love is never real love. - Honoré de Balzac

True friends are always free to separate, but they never do so. - Alfred Bougeard

I have no need of a friend who nods in agreement, my shadow does it better. - Plutarco

And so enamour'd glows, that all fire he seems. - Dante Alighieri

Friends should not mouth platitudes when hope is lost. - Esopo

I seek out you every day to pour my heart into yours. - Gemma Galgani

Love is the poetry of the senses. - Honoré de Balzac

Look at a true friend: it is as if you are looking in a mirror. - Cicerone




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